Monday, December 28, 2015

Keep Going 31

Two Kinds of Workout

"Productive exercise - double duty!"

When Don and I walked this afternoon we faced a brisk wind and the coldest temperature in London for quite some time. Quite the workout, I must say.

Along the way we spotted two metal chairs - well rusted - tossed onto a curb. When we stopped to give them the once-over I had a few thoughts, something like this:

Three hours of sanding metal required. Two to three hours to repaint. New hardware needed. Hmmm... brass nuts and bolts would look good. The wood is teak, I'm pretty sure. Solid. Only one slat looks iffy. Easy to sand on my belt sander. What, ten hours of work total? A good Spring workout!

About ten minutes later, walking into the wind, I decided to return after the workout to scoop up the chairs. And together, Don and I did just that.

A refurb seems like the right thing to do in order to save chairs that could easily last another 34 years - i.e., until I'm 100!!

"A worthwhile 'rescue' in my opinion"

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