Monday, December 28, 2015

Keep Going 30

"I'm Makin' a Splash!"

"Timely message from the Boogie Board"

I didn't say anything to my walking partner about this important fact yesterday - "Hey man, I'm halfway!

I reached the halfway point of Goal 2 (Keep Going for 60 long walks, or, KG60) at about 2:30 yesterday, just in time to celebrate in front of NFL playoff-like games on TV... with one cold beer. (Really, just one. I have to watch my stylish* figure).

"After 30 more brisk walks... then what?"

At this rate I should be thinking about what Goal 3 will be by late January or early Feb.

*stylish - that's if we're talkin' pretty short and fairly sturdy in smokin' blue jeans : )

Link to Keep Going 29

Photos GH (Green Hornet-like)

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