Monday, December 14, 2015

Keep Going 18

29 Days Running

"I have not missed a day in December"

"I have not missed a day since mid-November"

According to my carefully kept records, though I haven't run a step while beginning The GREAT Canadian Comeback - except to go down a steep hill or cross Wharncliffe Rd. in a big hurry a few times - I have walked "29 days running" since Sunday, November 15. And before that I only missed getting out the door on two or three occasions, so I think I can safely say my walking habit is pretty strong and consistent and will not fall by the wayside when colder, snowy weather eventually arrives in Canada.

I believe there are more than a few reasons why I am such a Steady Eddie. For example (to list but a few):

     I have an excellent walking partner

"This bottle contains soil from the pitchers' mound of a park in Hopkinton,
near the start line of the Boston Marathon. Cool souvenir, I say!"

     I was a long distance runner for 10 - 12 years, ran 13 marathons

     I have comfortable, sturdy shoes

     Scenic walking routes are just outside my front door

     I like fresh air, a challenge, a strong heart, and want to live actively until I'm 87.
     (After that I'll take some time off).

Admittedly, there are other factors - to be explored along the way.

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