Friday, December 25, 2015

Keep Going 28

Very Warm Walking

"My Green Hornet outfit includes a toque, but who needs it?"

I have almost reached the halfway point of my second set of walks - entitled Keep Going 60 (KG60) - and, strangely, though the dates are deeper into December the temperatures are getting warmer! Oh yeah, it's time to reduce our carbon footprint, for certain.

I have two favourite loops that take 1 hour and 15 minutes to travel and they both take me through lovely parks. One loop takes me to Saturn Park and back via the Greenway Parkway, and the other finds me turning around on the Oxford St. bridge between Wharncliffe and Talbot (via Harris Park).

All that is missing is a nice covering of snow!

 "I think the runners should watch out for metal signage!"

"I get a good workout on stairs near Blackfriars Bridge"

Instead of saying, 'let's keep on trucking', I'll switch to 'keep on walking'.

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