Sunday, February 28, 2016

Avocado 27 "A Short History" (10 Years?)

Do You Grow Avocados?

"The first stem supports the secondary stem"

In answer to the question above, I say, if not, you should, it's relatively easy if you don't mind waiting almost forever for your first batch of fresh guacamole.

It seems like I waited a year before the pit gave birth to its first stem. I waited another year before the stem reached six inches. Then I was informed I must snip it off!

"The secondary stem is about 12 in. tall and supports the third"

I feels like I waited another year or so before the secondary stem sprouted healthy leaves. And once it reached a certain height (Was it six inches? It's so long ago I forget) I was told to pinch out the centre sprout.

Then, I think I waited another year or so before a third stem sprouted. And sprout it did, in a very dramatic fashion, and each week I notice some change. At this time I see four new leaves are unfolding, and at such a pace I can barely keep up with progress notes.

"Lookit this! The third, or tertiary stem, is the Belle of the Ball"

I feel that when warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours arrive, this baby is going to take off.

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