Monday, February 29, 2016

Carry On Gang 31 "Rosy Cheeks on Monday"

First 3 Miles Into the Wind

"I got sun burn on Sunday and wind burn on Monday" 

"Rosy cheeks match my old running jacket"

Because of the wind, today's 6-miler was hard on the way out and easy on the way back. A fellow in Greenway Park, testing a wide kite, almost took off over my head. He would have been the first man ever to join Canada Geese on their flight path over the Greenway Pollution Plant. How exciting is that!

Photos from along the way:

From Sunny Sunday -

"Walkers, bikers, runners and skaters filled popular walkways on Sunday"

From Windy Monday -

"The same pathways - I had them to myself most of the way"

Photos GH

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