Saturday, February 6, 2016

Carry On Gang 7, "Good Days On Tap"

"Back to Near Normal"

Looking north, enjoying the quiet, toward the noisy Oxford St. bridge

The GREAT Canadian Comeback continues as I walk mile after mile in a steady manner. I rested my feet on Monday and Tuesday because of blisters that developed during last Sunday's eight-miler. Had I taken Monday off I may have been back at it after only one day of rest and repair. However, two day's worth of strategic recuperation will do me no harm.

Colour co-ordination is very important as well

I look forward to two month's worth of 'Carry On Gang' walks 

Don mentioned the other day that he has lost weight because of all the miles we have covered during the last year. I cannot report the same result because I have not noted my weight since I retired from my demanding exercise routine (linked to marathoning) at the YMCA in 2006. That being said, as long as my feet stay healthy and I keep heading out the door to cover 25 - 35 miles per week, I will be able to report on several healthy results in the future.

Why, already I feel like a 1000 bucks! But, I know, a million would feel better.

Carry On Gang, I say.

Link to Carry On Gang 5

Photos by GH

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