Thursday, February 11, 2016

It Strikes Me Funny, "Watch Out For Ronalee Chapchuk Ambrose"

Be Careful Out There

 "This first driver leaned a bit to their left to make room for me"

During my fun and fitness walk this afternoon, I stuck to the side of the roads (due to heavy snow on sidewalks), and faced the traffic in Old South, Federal Liberal Kate Young's riding. Most drivers moved over a bit in order to make room for me. Most.

I knew I was in trouble when I saw a blue pickup with wide side mirrors coming toward me.

I thought, Buddy, give me a bit of space.

Nope, the driver did not budge an inch.

"The blue pickup didn't budge an inch. Thanks, Ronalee!"

 I only caught a quick glimpse, but at the time I thought the driver was Federal Conservative Ronalee Chapchuk Ambrose, smoking a corncob pipe.

The ability to steer even a bit to the left must elude her.

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