Friday, February 26, 2016

Carry On Gang 27, "My Favourite Indian Motorcycle"

A Great Motorcycle and a Long Haul

"Sure, I'll start savin' up right away!"

On Thursday Don and I headed toward the downtown - for no reason other than that was the way our noses were pointed - and I spotted my favourite motorcycle inside a small coin shop on Talbot Street. The 1913 'mint' Indian was for sale but I didn't have the $50,000 on me so I had to be satisfied with a photo. We also stopped at an art shop and walked through the new and improved London Music Hall but the Indian was the highlight of my day.

"Good walks in good weather. Good biking in bad weather"

Today was bright and cheery and I made good time while covering six miles from my front porch to the Thames Valley Golf Course bridge and back. By good time I mean I walked at about 3 MPH the whole way and had a good chat with a former running mate.

Photos from along the way:

Link to Carry on Gang 24, "As Far, As Fast"

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