Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Carry On Gang 15, "Saturday Night Fever"

First, There was the Long Drive

"Then there was the fever"

It does seem like a long time ago. Way back on Friday, Jan. 12, I drove to Lindsay and ended up in the midst of family visitations - with no time for walking about town. No problem. Days off can be fun as well.

On Saturday, reportedly the coldest day in the universe, I did manage a walk to a lumber yard to see if any fine lumber would catch my eye. Some did, and I fetched it up later in the day, after the walk home and after scrapping one-inch-thick frost from my forehead and whiskers. Not fun!

Saturday I felt like the world was spinning, and sure enough, it was. A fever attacked my brain and lasted about three days. I don't like missing my walks but - more than that - I don't like wandering off in a daze and getting lost in my own neighbourhood.

"The streets will clear soon and I'll get in some easy walks"

So, now that I'm back in good health I will see if I can squeeze in a couple of extra walks once the sidewalks are clear and dry.

Carry on, Gang!

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