Monday, February 22, 2016

Carry On Gang 21, "Highland Park, Mildly Adventurous"

'Extra' Walks are Adding Up

 "The extra miles I walked on Feb. 17/18 = an extra walk"

"I was certainly dressed aright for the tramp through Highland park"

Seven walks in the last six days. I think the good weather has something to do with my energy levels and during three recent walks I added on an extra two miles per day. (Not bad for a geezer). As well, I know I missed five walks this month, so far, so I'm trying to make up for lost time, two miles at a time.

On Sunday, Don and I headed south on Wharncliffe Rd. to look at Hondas, and afterwards we discovered the southernmost entrance to Highland Park, a long-standing wooded area dotted with natural and man-made sections (incl. tarmac) of hiking trail. We were motivated to tramp along the trail (marked with 'This is a Coyote Area' signage) because we are definitely mildly adventurous at times.

Photos From Along the Way:

"Entrance to Highland Pk. is on north side of Ferndale
about two blocks east of Wharncliffe Rd."

Link to Carry on Gang 16

Photos GH

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