Monday, February 1, 2016

Video re Combined Ops, "Raid on Dieppe, 1942"

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A German photograph of the aftermath of the Dieppe raid.

The website entitled Critical Past has a deep catalogue of videos (thousands) and still images (millions), and many concern World War 2 events and battle fronts in which Canadians in Combined Operations were whole-heartedly involved. Though a price tag is attached to high-resolution videos and stock images, the public will find free access to the same material, though in low-resolution and with the website's title displayed in the centre.

Link to the accompanying Video - Allied aircraft and amphibious assault troops in action during the battle of Dieppe in France during World War II.

Synopsis, in part:

Raid on Dieppe from Allied point-of-view, so it is limited and dwells chiefly on positive results. A Royal Navy warship bombards the coast of Dieppe at night... Allied airmen get into an aircraft... American, British and Canadian troops in landing crafts underway toward Dieppe... German aircraft drop bombs and explosions occur at sea... Landing crafts at sea. LCTs (Landing Crafts Tanks) go ashore... Wounded Allied soldiers disembark from a ship in England...

More coverage and reading required for a well-balanced view of Dieppe's outcome.

Location: Dieppe France
Date: 1942
Duration: 5 min 40 sec
Sound: Yes

Landing craft taking part in Operation Jubilee, the raid on Dieppe
Photo credit - Canada at War

Link to Video re Combined Ops, "U.S. Troops in N. Africa"

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