Sunday, March 6, 2016

Carry On Gang 37 "Long Walks, I Never Get Lost"

Staying on the Right Path

This is the bridge that sings on a windy day

According to the stats I keep re my 'fun and fitness' walks, I get out the door over 90% of the days in each month. Ain't that amazing?

As well, I have found my way home 100% of the time.

And why are the results so high?

"I walked 39 miles this week. And not one person laughed at my kilt"

Firstly, I have a dedicated walking partner, and we connect each morning via email to ask if the game is on or not (the game has been on over 90% of the time since last September), and my partner will walk into my house and find me if I don't meet him at the pre-arranged spot at the pre-arranged time. And I don't like making him say, "Back away from the computer, Gord. It's time for our walk." So, I'm motivated.

Secondly, we both have an excellent sense of direction.

Photos from along the way:

 "How can we get lost? Paths are clearly defined"

Some will ask, "Gordie Boy, have you never taken a wrong turn?" 
I say, "There's no such thing. All roads lead to Home"
"This sign, on the Singing Bridge, is not to be trusted. E.g., if downtown is
26 minutes east by bike, how can OEV Cultural District (Old East Village) or
Western Fair be closer? Impossible. If you get lost, call me" 

Now you know more stuff.

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