Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Carry On Gang 60 "Hey, Who's on First?"

"What's Up Next?"

"The 'Carry On Gang' 

I cut my walk short yesterday because I had a 3 PM appt. As well, the weather was rotten and I wore rubber boots that caused a blister to swell on a big toe. So, No. 60 (out of 60) in the "Carry On Gang" series of brisk, invigorating walks was nothing really special but it got me out the door, and that really is a key factor in making The GREAT Canadian Comeback.

"Monday's weather - wet, wild and windy as I head south on Edward St."

What will I call the next series of walks? How many walks will be in it? Will I start shuffling on a regular basis, even jogging? What will I wear now that my lovely kilts are folded and back in storage? Should I buy new spandex tights to show off my glutes?

Golly, so many questions, so little time to decide.  : )

Photos below: Sunday, March 27, was a brilliant day!

 "Heading south on Cathcart St."

"Looking north on Ridout St."

Please link to Carry On Gang 58 "What Next I Wonder?"

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