Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Carry On Gang "Walkn Photos"

More Photos From Along the Way

Yesterday's walk (Carry On Gang 52) took me to the Oxford Book Shop on Piccadilly Street, just east of Richmond. 40 minutes one way. A better name for the shop would be 'Near Oxford Bookstore'.

I bought three copies of Call Me Ma'am by local author Margaret LeBas Howe. $13.50 each and worth every penny so far. Just look at that lovely CWAC uniform she is wearing, from 1940s. I've read up to page 21 and would already "highly recommend" it to all students of WW2 and women's liberation.

"I'm on Richmond, looking NW to Oxford St. rail bridge and beyond"

"This photo is from my six-miler on Monday"

PS Margaret wrote the book at age 100 years. Well done, I say.

Please link to Carry On Gang 51 "About 32 Miles Per Week"

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