Monday, March 14, 2016

Carry On Gang 45 "Miles Add Up"

And Every Mile Counts

"I finished the week with a 4.5-miler. Easy kap-easy"

I took a day off last week and still finished the week with seven walks that covered 32 miles total. Not bad for an old geezer making The GREAT Canadian Comeback.

"I am fond of the river route to UWO. Lively memories return"

I began this new week, March 13 - 19, with a seven-miler to the University of Western Ontario. I walked the 'river route' and relived some highlights of my May 2004 marathon, at the end of which I qualified for the Boston Marathon. That was a big BIG day in my running history, and good memories returned when I walked through Gibbons Park and past the swimming pool, the spot that was about 3 kilometres from the 2004 finish line.

"Come on, Gord. Get to the bridge (in view of University College, my old alma mater). You can do this," I said to myself.

And I knew that I could.

In 2004 I reached this spot, one km. from the finish, 3 - 4 minutes
ahead of schedule. I could've walked to the finish line. But I didn't.

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