Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Carry On Gang 51 "About 32 Miles Per Week"

Can I Maintain the Average?

"Keep on walkn," I say

I ended last week with two days off out of four, due to a birdhouse sale I was involved in, deeply (up to my knees in birdhouses), and because I was chief cook and bottle washer for a few days.

That being said,  and though I finished the week with a total of  24 walking miles, my average for March is still about 32 miles per week. Not bad for this ol' geezer.

"I have started this new week with two six-milers. AOK"

By the Numbers:

Looks like I will complete the 60 walks in the 'Carry On Gang' set by the end of March or early April. So, my new walking goals will soon be set, related to making 'The GREAT Canadian Comeback' after a ten-year hiatus from long distance running and 13 marathons. I'll need to design a new walkn outfit too. My kilts and matching woollen caps - they stood up well against all wintery weather - are due for dry-cleaning and summer storage.

Now, whether this ol' geezer can handle even one mile of steady, fleet-of-foot running remains to be seen.

More miles to follow.

Photo Log - Birdhouses near the dog park on Terry Fox Pathway caught my eye yesterday:

"Solid birdhouses stand up well to wintry weather. But to squirrels?"

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