Thursday, March 24, 2016

Carry On Gang "Pickn Up Supplies and More"

The Supper of Champions

"A drizzly day but all seems well and warm after 10 minutes"

Yesterday was not the nicest of days for a long walk but - being of sound and generally positive mind - I can easily count three great outcomes of getting out the door in spite of puddles and drizzle.

One. I covered four miles with friend Don, good laughs included.

Two. Cool temps and wet feet inspired visions of my next "slow cooker stew", and unknown to Don, I planned my secret gravy while walkn through Wortley Village. (The secret to stew is a good hearty gravy, eh!)

Three. After dropping Don at his door I continued to a grocery store for supplies. (Total - six-mile walk. Bonus).

"I soften up spuds n carrots while beef n sausage brown in a pan" 

Last night I prepped spuds and carrots before bed and I woke up fresh, thinkn about stew. By 10 AM this morning they were on the boil, for 5 - 10 minutes only, while I chopped lots of onions and peppers.

"Ingredients for gravy appear from the fridge. Some land in the slow cooker"

Within 90 minutes the pot is full of raw veg, and gently cooked beef and sausage. This stew will be like the last one, excellent, with an Irish theme that I've run off the rails - in a very good way. Nothing left to do by 11:25 but assemble ingredients for gravy. Some of this and some of that, as long as it suits my taste, I say.

 "All will be well by 5 PM"

"Not a bad day for walkn. Powered by visions of 'Off the Rails Stew'"

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