Friday, March 25, 2016

Carry On Gang 55 "Put a Bow on It"

Closing Out the Set

"Another 6-miler on Wednesday"

When two weekday walks are 6 miles in length, instead of the usual four, I record an 'extra' walk on the month's tally sheet. Looks like I've been alternating fours and sixes this week, and I suggest it will continue for a while because I do like collecting 'extras' in order to finish the 'Carry On Gang Set' (of 60 walks) with a BANG, as well as build up my already gigantic, bulging leg muskles. (The kilt hides this growth, unfortunately).

I faced "plenty of drizzle" yesterday but my plaid umbrella (almost matched my kilt and toque) kept all parts dry - 'cept me shoes and matching, woollen socks. (Remember, walkers. Colour co-ordination is important).

 "Yup. I had the place to myself all the way to there and back"

'Twas not an exciting day at the ol' dog park yesterday

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