Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouses 8

Strike Up the Band, and Wooden Spoons - Voila!

Batch (of 3) on the left gathered dust until yesterday PM!

One has to return to a two-week-old photo (above) - way back to the beginning of this 'production line' series - to see a lovely set of three western cedar slat birdhouses (with white pine roofs) waiting for attention. Yesterday I blew off the dust and finished adding colourful trim.

I collect wooden spoons from a variety of sources and they always come in handy as perches. The fence slats were rescued from the curb-side the day before yesterday - during an evening walk. A throw-away wooden shelf will provide trim for another half-dozen birdhouses at least.

Together, the spoons and fences make these sturdy western cedar houses a little more interesting for my sharp-eyed feathered friends.

Don't throw away your wooden spoons. Mail them to Santa
Claus and he will get them to me on Christmas Day

Please link to The Production Line - Cedar Birdhouse Models 7

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