Monday, October 3, 2016

Go East, Young Man 5.

From Crafts to Crabs.

Pat and Lannie stroll a pleasant beach.

Everywhere one turns in PEI there is something of interest. I enjoyed a morning fishing for mackerel and Pat gained experience riding a Gator. All in a day's work.

 Homegrown wool in a homegrown design

 Three rocks tried to push me into the water!!

 I love the PEI fishing sheds

 My view while enjoying morning coffee

 The breeze lifts our flag while Jim and I fished from a nearby dock

Brothers Frank and Jim Senechal. Tonnes of their work has turned
this barn into what may become my future home : )

 Ralph quickly turns our mackerel into fillets

 Jim says, "Okay Pat. Your turn to drive"

 Mario Andretti has nothing on this girl!

Another souvenir??

Please link to Go East, Young Man 4.

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