Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Transition Zone 18 - Growing A Steady Pace.

Good Daily Energy Level.

Cooler temperatures seem to help.

Fall temperatures are dropping so I've had to add 30 seconds to my 'getting ready to go' routine. It takes a bit longer now to select the right jacket to match my eyes. : )

But there are benefits to the cooler weather. I sleep like a rock some nights, colourful leaves adorn sidewalks and roadways,  and - once warmed up - I maintain an enjoyable body-comfort zone while walking or jogging. All these things combine to help my energy level and pace remain strong and steady.

I try to cover 4 miles per walk, on average, and over the last 4 weeks my numbers have been positive, i.e., 110 miles covered in 25 outings. I have been heading out after supper on a frequent basis and have noticed how dark it is getting by 7 PM. Still, a small radio keeps me company (the World Series is on) and the miles seem to go by faster at that time of day.

Photos from along the way:

Daily mileage is in the top right corner of each block. 
Cumulative mileage is lower right. Steady on! 

 My jogging pace is holding steady, even improving a bit!

 I relaxed Sunday (i.e., motorcycled) so am adding miles during cool evenings

The Comeback: After 13 months I rank my energy level as "very good"

Walkn 'healthy miles' in Greenway Park and Old South

Keep on keeping on, I say. Highlights continue to be within reach.

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