Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Transition Zone 14 - Chugging Along

Positive Feature: The 10 Week Average.

"Back from vacation and chugging along like Steady Eddie."

I took several days off from my fun and fitness routine while vacationing in September and - as a diehard numbers guy - I knew my numbers would take a hit. For two weeks my weekly miles took a severe hit, from 25 (average) to 12 and 11. Ouch. Those digits look disastrous!

That being said, I have started to tally a new number, i.e., a 10 week average (mileage), and the drop from 26.3 miles per week over 10 weeks (to Sept. 10) to 23.8 (to Sept. 24) doesn't look as drastic. And if I take the long view as I should (The GREAT Canadian Comeback could have a 20 year lifespan, or more), in a month or so my numbers will have a more positive glow. After all, I'm back from vacation and chugging along like Steady Eddie.

By the Numbers:

 A good start to the week, with more walks already planned

 How can I improve on the 10 week average?

The short view: If I walk 28 miles this week
the 10 week average will grow*

In September I walked/jogged 10 times during the 21 days I 'got out the door', and my jogging is smoother and steadier than 2 - 3 months ago. I am not consumed by a desire to be a long distance runner by Christmas so I will keep watching for wee, gradual improvements in strength, stamina, speed and sveltness.

Photos from along the way:

 Walkn on a gray day in Kingston

 Walkn on a gray day in London and taking the long view

 Taking the short view. Those are short legs.... but sturdy

Accidental selfie. "Hey, am I pressing the right button?"

With a 'go slow and enjoy the view' attitude, 2017 should be a very good year.

*re 10 week average: The long view - if I walk 24 miles per week for 10 weeks, the average will also grow. We shall see what we shall see.

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