Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Transition Zone 15 - Boston Here I Come!

Wink, Wink, Nod, Nod.

The long and winding road.

Last night after a rousing episode of Corrie St. I jogged 4 miles, completing Number 69 of 100 walks/jogs in a set called The Transition Zone. The set is aptly named - I am including 2 - 3 wee jogs per week and I expect to see the process get a wee bit easier, and see my wee legs move a wee bit faster month by month.

I finished the 4 mile loop in 43 minutes (10min:40sec./mile on average) and the last 2 miles in 19 minutes (9:30 ave.). Why, I was basically flying out there! Wink, wink.

 "The last 2 miles in 19 minutes (9:30 ave.)" (See Oct. 5)

Why, a 9min:30sec. average qualifies me for Boston! Nod, nod

It will take me a few months I'm sure to string even 4 miles together at 9:30 per mile, so a Boston qualifying time is decades away. About 20 years I think. : )

More important - in the long run - is to make the effort to walk/jog on a regular basis. I got out the door 318 days out of 365 in the first year of The GREAT Canadian Comeback and completed 1396.25 miles (average of 4.39 miles per outing). Just to repeat that effort and notice a few improvements in the strength and stamina departments would be amazing in my opinion.

Photos from along the way (Ottawa, 2010):

 For Boston: I will need to save up for new running shoes

 Even one of these would break the bank

My Boston Marathon training jacket still fits!

Slow and steady wins the race.

Please link to The Transition Zone 14 - Chugging Along.

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