Monday, October 3, 2016

Motorcycle Miles - October 2, 2016 (1).

Not Any Old Port in a Storm.

It's dark out there! Looking east on a sideroad, 2 KM west of Aylmer.

Yesterday, though the Weather Network predicted 60% chance of rain no matter where I went, I warmed up the bike and headed SE, toward Port Bruce. If I got caught, at least The Corner View would be open - with good coffee and BLTs - and I'd get a few good shots at the end of the pier.

 I'm still dry in Port Bruce. Looking east toward Port Burwell

 Stormy weather to the left of Bruce's short pier

 Stormy weather over Port Stanley to the west

I have to head west for home, so I skip coffee and lunch. Good move.

Everywhere I entered - Aylmer, Copenhagen, Port Bruce on the way out and Aylmer, Belmont, Nilestown, Wortley Village on the way in - I found the streets wet and puddles had formed. But no more than ten drops of rain landed on me. Charmed life, I'm sure.

Timing was everything yesterday on the motorcycle. I'll savour a BLT next time!

Compare these photos to some taken a week ago....

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