Friday, October 14, 2016

The Transition Zone 17 - Twelve in a Row.

Definitely Back From Vacation.

I took life easy in September. I vacationed in PEI and ate several hearty, Island-style meals. I must be trying to make up for those easy days by keeping at my routine in October. I've had 12 outings in a row and will hit my week's goal (of 26 miles) during this evening's relatively short walk to a London Knight's OHL game.

Weather has been cooler and a lot less humid than even a few weeks ago, and each walk has been quite enjoyable. Bright fall colours are coming, so I'll keep a camera handy at all times.

77/100ths of Transition Zone outings have been completed.

The Comeback by the Numbers:

77% of my current set of walks has been covered

My jogging speed and stamina are gradually developing (in the 9:30 - 12:00 min./mile range! Stand way back!)

I can jog 3 - 4 miles without stopping on occasion (I survived 13 marathons, so I bet I'll be able to survive a 5-miler some day soon)

I seem to be content with weekly mileage of about 25 miles

Miles per month during Year Two of The GREAT Canadian Comeback will therefore likely be, on average, lower than last year (and I'm OK with that)

On a weekday, Greenway Park provides a quiet pathway

Gord's Mantra: I've got the time so I'll take my time.

Please link to The Transition Zone 16 - The Occasional Highlight.

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