Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bob Dylan revisited?

My lovely wife, usually ever so patient (especially with me), often wonders aloud when I'll trim my winter beard and longish hair.

A few of my favourite replies follow:

About two more weeks

Three more weeks (if she asks twice in one day)

When I look like Dylan


March 21

When the snow disappears

But to tell the truth, I'm growing attached to it and am reluctant to pull out the clippers.

Photo by GH


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Lannie Good said...

Sorry bro but I have to side with Pat..It's "really" time to get out the clippers..Probably pass you on the street and not know you,ha,ha...or pretend I didn't..Just think with the hair gone, you'll look ten years younger again! luv L.Dee

G. Harrison said...

two more weeks!
cheers, gord