Wednesday, March 13, 2013

i'll get questions

I'm sure I'll get a few questions about my latest batch of birdhouses.

["The gray barn board is from the Kawarthas"]

For example:

Why didn't you add a barn board roof to this one?

What birds will use this house?

What does ubiquitous mean?

Why does the body have two layers of wood, not one?

Why are there three pegs in the perch and not just one, or five?

How much ya want?

I'm sure I'll answer as follows:

I thought about using barn board but I had some old pine all ready to go. Small songbirds native to our area including the ubiquitous English sparrow. They're everywhere, or frequently encountered. I built a pine birdhouse first and then covered it with thin slats (i.e., half the thickness) of gray barn board because I thought by doing so I'd get twice the mileage out of the rarer, more expensive barn board... and I will, though it will likely cost me more money this way (I'm still figuring it out). I used three pegs to catch your eye, and it worked. I didn't use five because I wanted to save 40% of my pegs for the next birdhouse and save money at the same time. See... I like saving money in a big way. And little ways too, 'cause I'm like that.

Finally, how much ya got?

Photos by GH 


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