Tuesday, March 19, 2013

one idea = an industry

It happens with about every third person who takes one of my birdhouses home to their backyard: They ask, how do I attach it to a tree? Or, where should I put it?

["Conversations have led to a new industry"]

So, we talk. I suggest a few ideas and I frequently mention how I placed two upon stands made from fallen tree limbs last year. For free. And some wish they had a tree limb too.

Recently I took out my ever-present notepad and pencil and sketched about 20 examples of birdhouse stands - on limbs, old 2 by 2s - for one, two or three houses. The old lumberman in me came to life and I put down my pencil believing I'd created another industry for my shop.

So, if I'm not making old cheese or comfortable Rietveld chairs this summer I'll be hiking around Thames Park (or elsewhere) and hauling home fallen limbs.

Photos by GH


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