Tuesday, March 26, 2013

where did Coon St. get its name?

While driving to Fenelon Falls, which I do fairly regularly, I pass through Manilla, a hamlet situated on a lovely, hilly curve in the road. Recently, two questions came to mind about the place? Is the place known for its folders? How did Coon St., one block east of the four corners, get its name?

["Well, once upon a time..."]

I guess the answer to the first question is no. The place appears too small and humble to be the originator of a world-wide industry. I think the answer to the second is quite simple, and I imagine the following is 100 per cent true:

Over a century ago a man in a well-worn shirt and pair of pants walked his two coon dogs down a muddy path passed his neighbour's house and he let his dogs roam free while he stopped to talk with a man a-workin' in a wide, healthy garden.

"How's the cabbages?"


"How's the taters?"

"Good. Youren?"

"Same. All done rakin'. Dogs needed a stretch."

"Looks like they're after sumptin'. Got it treed maybe." (He spits out the side of his mouth, then turns his boot heel on the gob.

"Two coons, I bet. Them been livin' along this path for years. But the dogs can't catch 'em."

"When the municipal fellers straighten this trail and lay some gravel down - make it a street - we should tell 'em to name it after 'em."

"Yup. That'd be a good one." (He gives his hinder parts a good long scratch).

"I better go chase 'em off that tree."


100 per cent true? Surely.

Photo by GH


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