Sunday, March 17, 2013

Going to work. I like it

Barn board from the Kawarthas is lovely to work with (I brought home six 16-foot slats from Fenelon Falls in the trunk of my Honda Civic last weekend. Ask me how I accomplished that!!), and three more birdhouse frames are ready to be covered with gray slats as soon as I finish this post.

["For a barn birdhouse I first build a box from pine"]

Even though the slats will be a bit fussy to cut and attach I feel good about going to work in the shop. For example, this morning I believe that after I've finished covering five or six boxes, my life (as it relates to assembling barns from Kawartha barn board) will be a lot easier.

["Hmmm. Something's missing"]

Practice makes perfect. At least that's what I say now.

Photos by GH


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