Friday, March 22, 2013

'the edge of butt'

Men and women who grow weary at the end of the work day and who use their last ounce of energy to sketch rough plans for the next day often create their own language. They say, I'll remember what I mean.

This happened to me the other day while assembling and stacking log cabin houses high enough to almost blot out the sun coming through the window in my shop. I wanted to modify the next project from the one before it, so I grabbed pen and paper.

["Roof edges can touch the edge of butt"] 

While sketching it became perfectly obvious that roof edges (of an addition to a triplex) can touch the edge of the butt ends of the logs. It makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

As well, if I want to conserve space - and I do - all I have to do is shorten the butt, i.e., the 'stick out'. Who wouldn't do the very same thing if they were in my position?

["One day, shorter 'stick outs' will be all the rage"]

Shop short hand. Cutting edge, eh?

Photos by gah


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