Tuesday, March 19, 2013

just a regular guy

I know why my wife doesn't throw these sturdy foil platters - from wherever she gets them - into the recycling bin. She can use them for any number of purposes. For example, while washing it this morning I felt it could be used as a prune pit platter, i.e., to catch pits while one is eating a healthy helping of prunes.

["Is it worth a fortune?"]

But while drying it I wondered, where did she get it?

Did she sneak me a pre-packaged meal last night for supper and I didn't know it?

Does she feel these platters are worth a small fortune? (The name 'Platinum by Novelis 341' appears on the platter and we all know that platinum is a precious metal).

Is she hiding a bag of prunes somewhere in the kitchen? I'd like to have a few with my next meal.

Photo by GH


Do you eat prunes regularly?

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