Friday, March 22, 2013

forging an idea

Under the clock in my workshop are two pieces of ancient metal from barn gates or doors, and another similar piece of metal is also attached to the door - formerly a part of my father's in-town barn - to the shop. I like sets of three and an idea for their future use floated by the other day while I was sanding old barn board.

["Rare, hand forged metal hinges, older than Niagara Falls"]

I began to imagine the three pieces in sturdy frames, hanging in some prominent place. I recalled that a few fine boards from my father's barn were sitting in my storage shed, just a few steps away. I asked myself, frames... can I build decent frames?

I believe I can and will.

The one-off hinge below will likely receive the same lovely treatment... soon.

["Brass from Lamont's shop (now gone), Wortley Village"]

Some of my best ideas float by when my hands are busy, and catch me by surprise.

Photos by GH


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