Friday, September 20, 2013

"rewarding road trip to Port Stanley"

Butch McLarty and I slowly explored a hilltop retreat of small cottages on the east side of Port Stanley yesterday before venturing toward the west side of town. A pair of birdhouses atop sawn-off limbs of a small tree caught my eye and I stopped the car. One of them looked like one of mine.

["Butch watches me snap a photo of the house"]

"I see a round disc of wood, there on the closest side. I used to do that. Let's see if it bears my initials."

["If the small disc is stamped 'GAH', it's one of mine"]

It did. And I quickly recalled a set of four-plexes - one is still on my front porch for Pete's sake - that I made several years ago from Muskoka lumber.

["My wife snapped this one up in a hurry. Only bought me coffee!"]

It brought a smile to my face to see one outside, in good condition, on a stump, wearing well.

["Wearing well? I think so."]

Photos by GH and BMc


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