Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"what's a gord?"

One of my grandson's young friends found an old, dirt-covered object after her father dug up a few plants in their backyard recently. Her father said something like the following:

     "It's really quite old, Olivia. Give it to Gord and he'll
     build a shadowbox for it. Then we can hang it in your
     room and you'll have a reminder of how old our house
     is, how old our neighbourhood is."

Olivia replied:

     "That sounds great. But what's a gord?"

Answer: I'm a Gord, one who spends a bit of time several days a week in his shop, building birdhouses or shadowboxes - for odds and ends - or comfortable chairs for the odd rear end. And after a bit of painting and assembling I'll have a nice box for 'whatever it is.'

Do you know what it is? Part of a wheel or axle assembly from the horse and buggy days?

Photos by GH


If you know what the object is, let me know.

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