Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Workshop: "keep hot dogs handy while cleaning out shop"

Soon. Soon the shop will be as tidy as Captain's quarters aboard QE2. And the secret? An industrial-size Shop Vac and dry matches.

["Dry matches are vital for shop clean out"]

The Shop Vac is capable of sucking up thick layers of dust in seconds, even dust from between and under the floor boards. (I like that about suction.) And dry matches help me start a wee fire in a backyard pot so that I can quietly get rid of hundreds of bits of scrap that have no conceivable use, even on a birdhouse.

Some may argue I shouldn't have a backyard fire. I can only say the wood is very dry and hardly produces any troublesome smoke. And if the local Fire Department should come running through my back gate - axes at the ready, fire extinguisher set to go - I'll say I'm just getting ready for supper. (I keep 3 - 4 hot dogs handy at all times! And condiments. Our fridge is full of condiments.)

I also am well-practiced at looking calm and relaxed, as if having a wee fire is one of the most natural things in the world.

Photos by GH


PS Warn me in advance if the Fire Brigade is heading my way and I'll put on a dog for you.

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