Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Workshop: "rescued shadow boxes"

I find I've been making more shadow boxes lately. I'm on a tear, some would say.

["Three more boxes on the way"]

I also find I'm using up a lot of rescued lumber in the process, for the platforms and frames.

For example, the slightly streaked platform below (upon which a rare object will soon be attached) comes from a 4" by 6" by 4 ft. piece of white pine I picked up at the Dorchester landfill site a few years ago. The reddish lumber underneath (for the box's frame) comes from an old pine shelf I found at the curb on Duchess St. several weeks ago.

["Loverly colours, I say"]

As well, the darker wood below comes from my father's barn (now completely demolished) in Norwich, and the lighter cedar (loverly stuff for a frame) comes from a friend who lives one block away.

["I wish I could have rescued the entire, century-old barn!"]

There's fun to be had in scraps.

Photos of assembled shadow boxes will appear shortly.

Photos GH


Please click here to view shadow box material

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