Friday, August 28, 2015

Discovering Canada in One Pair of Pants 1

Day 1 and 2, Perth and Ottawa

AirBNB in Perth: "I liked Garry's treasured map of Old Canada"

A recent 1,700 kilometre-long motorcycle trip - to connect with my older son David, member of (cycling) Team Steffie - took me to Perth and Ottawa and a few other memorable places before arriving in Mont Tremblant QUE. I packed light (a pair of pants, can of ravioli and camera) and noticed a few things along the way that I really liked and made my week-long trip a standout.

 "I stretch my legs during a walk-about in Ottawa"

 "The magnificent Alexandra Bridge leads to Gatineau QUE"

During Days 1 and 2 I only connected with David via email. Day 1 opportunities to say hello to one another were literally washed out by tonnes of treacherous rain and travel, and on Day 2 we travelled by different routes. He recalls his push to Montebello with excitement and I recall a day well-spent in Ottawa chasing memorable moments under threatening skies. A stop at Chez Lucien on Murray St. near Dalhousie did not hurt one bit.

 "I'm on Sussex Drive next to 'gordon harrison art gallery'"

 "Lost? No. I can find my way home from Majors Hill Park"

"Home is where The Jail Hostel is, on 75 Nicholas"

When I travel to Quebec in the future I will do some things the same, others differently. For example, I won't pass through Perth during a flood. I will book a private room at The Jail Hostel next time, but still make time for a short stop at the cozy Chez Lucien.

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