Friday, August 28, 2015

Team Steffie Climbs to Mont Tremblant

A 500 Kilometre Trek

Photo from news - August 20

When I think back nine days to Wednesday, Aug. 19, I recall being in a hurry to pack three leather bags on my motorcycle in preparation for a hastily-planned trip to Mont Tremblant QUE. A small, select team of cyclists, Team Steffie, which included my older son David, was leaving from Lindsay the following day on a tough bicycle ride in support of  local community groups. And I intended to look for them along the way and take a few snaps while they were hard at work.

"I found the team 35 kilometres north of Montebello"

"Some team members discuss the last leg, 30-km. shy of Tremblant"

I packed my bags, booked rooms in Perth, Ottawa and Mont Tremblant (the team booked in Perth, Montebello QUE and Mont Tremblant), and set out Thursday morning for what turned out to be the ride of my life. Day 1 included torrential downpours all along Highway 7 from Peterborough to Perth and most sane motorcyclists would have bailed out and sought refuge anywhere it could be found. I pressed on, dealt with 10 per cent visibility any way I could, and - miracle of miracles - passed Team Steffie 40 kilometres shy of Perth.

My son and I were too tired to connect after the day's treacherous ride (240 km. for the team, 540 km. for me), we took different routes the next day, but we finally connected on the team's uphill trek to Mont Tremblant. Thumbs up, I say. And "Job Well Done" to the small but mighty Team Steffie.

"I did the easy work. I biked ahead, parked, and snapped photos"

"I grabbed a bag of chips, relaxed and snapped a few more shots"

"Team Steffie reached their destination at 2 PM, Saturday"

"One of my 'souvenir' photographs"

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