Sunday, August 2, 2015

Found Object - File Drawers 1

Where To Start?

 "These have gone from Army to Kelly Green. I want something else"

So, I took an early morning walk yesterday, about 7:30, my motor was ticking by the time I reached the first corner north of the house (Cathcart and Elmwood), and I hung a left. Once past the Presbyterian Church I spotted something on the grassy boulevard on the north side of the street. Junk or junque (low vs high class), I wondered. It was junque. Two vintage metal filing cabinets. In a heartbeat I wanted them.

Two weeks ago I rescued, then refurbished, an old walnut table from the same part of the block. Am I turning a corner in my life and beginning to work my way toward my lifelong dream of being a shop owner - Flotsam & Jetsam, Gord's Old Stuff, Junque: Get In & Shell Out, something like that?

"S. M. Company made these babies to last"

Naw. I'm too 'risk-adverse' to open a commercial storefront. Cripes, it would take me two years to figure out its name! I'm just going to paint the two cabinets, store my printer on top and some story files inside and go for another adventurous walk.

: )

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