Sunday, August 30, 2015

Team Steffie Climbs to Mont Tremblant 3

No CCM Cruisers Allowed

"The team is about 40 km. north of Montebello QUE"

Hardened muscles, expensive kits and bicycle gear, tonnes of will power and positive motivation. That's what it takes, and more, to get to Mont Tremblant from Lindsay in three days. Me and my red, 1951 CCM vintage-cruiser-style bike need not apply. (That's why I showed up to take a few photographs on a sturdy '94 Virago.)

 "Way to go, guys," I say. Only one rider knows who I am.

 "One rider stretches to ease tension in a very sore back"

 "Another rider is out with a broken finger"

"Father and son take a breather before the trek continues"

More photos to follow.

Details about Team Steffie's cycling trek can be found at the following links: news


Link to Team Steffie Climbs 2

Photos GH

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