Sunday, August 2, 2015

Upcoming Project - Vintage Medicine Cabinet 1

Spotted in St. Marys

 "Should I eat at Sukie Lee's? Oh, what's that next door?"

I motorcycled to Stonetown yesterday morning for breakfast (A1 - $4.99 at Four Happy Restaurant on Main St.) and - shortly after parking the bike - discovered a unique medicine cabinet that will surely inspire a future* project.

"I spotted this amongst the jumble on Eclectic Treasure's front step"

"Definitely unique, with fussy features, and maybe over-priced"

Note: The seller wants $295, but will take $30 off. Though I can build it (w lumber on hand) for the price of hinges and drawer pulls, I know it would take forever!

*It's definitely a far-into-the future project.

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