Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Port Bruce in B&W

1970 Continental?

"I watch riders 'do the circle' while sipping coffee"

One of my favourite rides is to Port Bruce and one of my favourite spots to sit and relax once I arrive is at The Corner View restaurant, with reportedly* the best coffee in town.

"Forget the Mercedes convertible. I want the old Lincoln"

"Still, I wouldn't trade in my '94 Virago for even a Continental"

On Sunday I said to Corner View's owner, "One large coffee, please. You've got the best in town, eh."

"Have you checked all-l-l the other places?" he said, without missing a beat.

"Pretty much," I said, and realized that small town boys often speak the same language.

Link to Favourite Photos of Port Bruce, 2015

Photos GH

*I reported it so it must be true

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