Monday, August 31, 2015

Team Steffie Climbs to Mont Tremblant 6

Squared Away at Saint Remi d'Amherst

10:53:29 AM - a climb near St. Emile de Suffolk, Highway 323

When one looks at the progression of the cyclists' uphill trek via photographs, it almost looks easy. Almost. Shortly after these photos were taken, I shook hands with each rider. Their hot, slippery handshakes and clipped greetings revealed some of the truth about the long uphills.

10:53:55 AM - near the crest of one of many hills on Hwy 323

Thirty minutes later all members of Team Steffie stopped at a roadside variety store for Freezies and ice cream bars - and bathroom break - at Saint Remi d'Amherst, about 35 kilometres shy of their eventual destination, Mont Tremblant. Well deserved, I say.

"I say we flip to see who gets the bathroom first"

"The lineup seems to be getting longer, not shorter!"

"Sorry Gents. Ladies first," says Dallas.

Please link to Video - Team Steffie Climbs 5

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Photos by GH

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