Saturday, January 2, 2016

Keep Going 35 - New Years Eve

2015 Year End Report

"The Green Hornet walked almost every day in December" 

New Year's Eve Day featured several busy time slots (including the time needed to make my Blue Cheese, Bartlett Pear and Honey Bacon Beauties), but Don and I squeezed in a short walk after lunch and I added on after supper - with a walk to a London Knight's hockey game, and back. So, I ended the year with a brisk walk home after a London win, and toasted 2016 at midnight. Reliable reports indicate I slept like a log.

Without fanfare I started 2016 with a 1 hour, 20 minute walking loop on the Greenway Parkway that included an occasional stop along the way and at Saturn Park for photos.

"I received a brand spanking new walking outfit for
Christmas - including a stylish 'pork pie' hat!"

"I take photos of runners for motivational purposes"

My goal for December was to complete 26 walks in 31 days and I exceeded that - 29/31. That's a healthy 93.5% 'get-out-the-door-rate' (GOTDR). I'll try to match that GOTDR at least once in 2016.

 2015 - GOTDR

October - 23/31 = 74.2%
November - 29/30 = 96.7%
December - 29/31 = 93.5%

Average = 88.1%

Not bad at all! Happy New Year!

Link to Keep Going 33

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