Thursday, January 28, 2016

KEEP GOING 60 "I Hit My Target"

Steady Eddie Wins the Day!

 "Don'tcha love them blue shwade shoes?"

On Tuesday of this week I walked part way to UWWO (University of Wild Western Ontario) and all of the way home, recording a time of about 1HR 25 MIN on the hoof.

"Big Star for Steady Eddie"

And yesterday friend Don and I walked downtown (discovered there are no London Knights' tickets available for Friday's game vs Erie Otters!), then back via a meandering route, total time 1HR 20 MIN.

Don keeps a different type of tally, but in my book I recorded KG60, "YES", with a big star. Not because I wore my lovely red runners and matching pork pie hat, but because I set a goal back on November 26 to KEEP ON GOING out the door regularly for 60 more walks, and yesterday I crossed Number 60 off the list.

By the numbers: That's 60 walks in 63 days, for a Get Out the Door Score of 95.2%. Why, if I'd scored 95.2% when I attended UWWO back in the '60s I'd be a rocket scientist right now, eating canapes and flying my private Concorde to Havana to pick up a big fat cigar.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

"Another goal is to hit 27/31, or 27 walks in 31 days
in January. Easy-kapeasy. I hit that goal today."

So, what's next? All I can say is, the GREAT Canadian Comeback continues.

Stay tuned.

Link to Keep Going 58, "Colour Co-ordination"

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