Monday, January 11, 2016

Keep Going 44, "Snowy Blowy Day"

"I Do Like Wintry Weather"

"A good long walk on a snowy blowy day"

For the first ten minutes of yesterday's walk I feared I might get blown away. Reality set in eventually. I weigh 165 pounds, 170 with lotsa clothes, too heavy to get tossed about, and once I got warmed up the wind and snow were mere inconveniences.

"The 8-mile trek on snow-covered paths was one to remember!" 

I set out at 12:45 and arrived home at 3:30, completely famished. I'd made extra stew the other day and it sure came in handy!!

"The beard iced-up halfway home. I gained 6 pounds!"
(Whoops! Camera fogged-up once indoors)

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