Monday, January 4, 2016

Keep Going 37 - Heckuva Walk

All the Way to Heckuva Dam

"My new, colour-co-ordinated, high-tech walking gear 
- including pork-pie hat - suits my cheery disposition"

With camera in hand and wind in my face I headed west yesterday for a 2HR:40MIN walk through Greenway Park. The halfway point is the farthest distance from home I have reached since starting The GREAT Canadian Comeback on Sept. 28. Once I entered Springbank Park - via Terry Fox Pathway - I kept going west, past the Storybook Gardens ice rink, and past the merry-go-round site, all the way to my turn-around, i.e., the path that heads toward the Heckuva Dam (near "the westest end" of the park).

 "After a 1 mile warmup, I reach the Terry Fox Pathway"

"The 2-mile mark (Saturn Children's Park) is just behind me"

 "The bridge to Thames Golf Course is the 3-mile point"

"Walker ahead wanted to see Heckuva Dam. I turned for home at 4 miles"

I covered 8 miles and once I arrived home I made the biggest pot of Harrison Hash the world has ever seen. And was it eveeeer gooood!

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G. Harrison said...

Hats off to City of London workers who open, clean and maintain the four comfort stations along the way. I use 'em all!!