Thursday, January 14, 2016

Keep Going 46, "Dress Warm"

At Long Last, Winter

Runners are dressing more warmly than last week

Before heading out the door now I tuck into warm hiking boots, two wind-resistance coats, leather mittens over thin gloves and a thick woollen toque. Red long johns? Always.

My long beard collects my warm breath and by the time I get home I look like Grizzly Adams, fresh out of a Wild West blizzard.

"First of the week at a glance" (KG46/60 = 76.7%)

After such a good long walk on Sunday I took a 'strategic day off' the following day. My energy returned and I'm set to do brisk walks the rest of the week. When I trained for marathons, Monday was usually my rest day, after Sunday's long run. Life seems to be repeating itself as I make The GREAT Canadian Comeback. 

That's OK by me. Familiar trails, familiar routines, with one big difference. When I trained for marathons there was always a specific race date in the future - almost written in stone. I have no date in stone this time, just many miles to go.

The Long and Winding Road

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